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Anonymous: Lol so I'm guessing you ridicule all overweight people then huh? Who cares why you gotta point it out?

nope lol, cause my boyfriend’s pretty chubby. 
So stfu you don’t know anything.

Day 1 of my life without cigarettes:

It’s hard. I want to smoke so bad. I know I’m doing this for me and my boyfriend, and for my health, but ever since a couple hours ago, after I woke up all I’ve been trying to think about is the pleasure that comes from smoking. I need to stop. I need to quit. 

I can learn to live my life and appreciate it without having a cig in my hand. I just have to push hard on myself. I’m strong, I hopefully got this.

I want to go back home.

Why. Why. Why. Why.

Fuck. Why?

carloherrera: Yo, I feel you. When the pressure is on and there are factions that want you to fail and fall and that want you to rise and succeed; you try your best and the last thing you want to do is disappoint your supporters and give joy to your haters. When you give everything you can, work or love, and get knocked down, then you show the slightest bit of humanity, they say you're weak; retaliate, you're a villain, when you're just keeping it real. I'm going through it too. We ain’t rocks. We diamonds. ♢

Yeah you right.

Nice though, I really liked your last sentence. It means a lot :)